To begin...

No matter who we are or what our story, we’ve experienced times when we've felt depleted and uninspired. Sometimes nothing is really wrong but at the same time, nothing's really right. We can feel we're just going through the motions because we've lost that spark – that fire in our hearts and bellies that makes us feel alive.

So, the first question we can ask is why we’re motivated or inspired do anything at all?

Well, we know that when we our bodies are strong and healthy… we feel energetic and capable.

We know that when we truly enjoy what we’re doing, we’re can feel a ‘flow’ of blissful immersion. We feel engaged and expansive - we have a natural desire to learn, to grow… and in this state we also feel inspired and dynamic.

We know that when we feel we can help, when we have something to offer, or that we’re contributing… we feel valuable and purposeful.

These pleasurable states tells us that at we’re driven by the desire to to feel positive emotions - such as joy, love, inspiration, satisfaction, awe….(and many more).

At our core we yearn to feel that pulsing, vibrating, electric feeling in our hearts and minds that reminds us that life is full of magic and joy.


To light our 'inner fire' is to fan the flames of what inspires us and makes us feel abundant and joyfully alive !

The wonder of doing this is that when we feel vibrant and empowered, things fall into place much more fluidly and life becomes more purposeful and fulfilling. We become more imaginative, creative and courageous and it's easier to make progress, achieve our goals or to do something inspired !

We’re also much more likely to do the things we typically find difficult.

In effect, we produce an upward spiral of positive emotions.

So the question is, how can we best stoke these emotions... and light our inner fire?

We're going to look at 5 steps....